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Connecting with disabled people, keeping you up to date with information and issues that affect your life. Providing you with support, help, advocacy and much, much more are an integral part of what we do and what we stand for.


Advocacy and Information, Befriending, Communications and Social Media. Equipment Hire, Budgeting, Health and Wellbeing. Outreach Support, Safeguarding, Signposting, Sport and Leisure. Training and Education

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Advocacy, Information and Help

Non-judgemental support from someone who really listens to all your issues, helps you to understand how to solve particular problems and make informed decisions, as well as, makes ...
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Everyone at some point in their life needs someone to be there just for them. Isolation, loneliness, poor health and social disadvantage is not everybody's lifestyle choice and can...
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Communications and Media

You can stay in touch and keep up to date with all disability related issues, by simply revisiting our website on a regular basis. But why not go a whole lot further than simply si...
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It happens – occasionally you or someone you’re caring might just need a wheelchair for a brief period, for example after an accident or after being discharged from hospital, or ma...
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There will almost certainly be times in your life when you're not sure about money, whether for example, you’re receiving the right benefits, at the right time, for your level of d...
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Health and Wellbeing

Health and well-being is made up of four factors, physical, intellectual, emotional and social. These are the key elements that help everyone through the day and keep us going. ...
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Outreach Support

When you’re looking for advice, information, support or help, the easy solution is to simply give us a call or drop into our offices in Mold. But, what If you can’t do that? What i...
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The term used in the United Kingdom and Ireland to protect the health, well-being and human rights of individuals, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults to live f...
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Signposting is an essential part of our support function. For example, you might need specialist legal advice or information, guidance, help or support to solve a particular proble...
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Social Groups

Across the whole of North Wales there is a full variety of social activities available to communities, organisations, groups, and clubs where disabled people, their friends and fam...
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Sport and Leisure

Life is all about choices particularly when it comes to leisure, relaxation, enjoyment and achievement. Whether that’s engaging actively in sport, or watching sport, playing an ins...
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Education, Training and Employment

We believe that all disabled people must have open access to education, vocational training and employment as a right not a privilege. The means that the whole of society stands to...
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