Social Groups

Across the whole of North Wales there is a full variety of social activities available to communities, organisations, groups, and clubs where disabled people, their friends and families can meet up with others, make new friends and share their personal experience of disability.

This includes support groups where group members provide each other with various types of help and support, as well as offer advice and tips to help each other. They may be pan-disability or could be more specific, such as a group for visually impaired people. They are often informal so you can turn up whenever you like.

Community groups who provide specific assistance to their group members.

Clubs and private social groups where people with the same interests regularly meet with other like-minded people to do things, they all enjoy doing.

You can also meet up with people with shared values through volunteering. It can be a great way to spend time with people while completing a shared task. Many local groups need volunteers and cover a very broad range of activities.

If you enjoy sports, there is a whole range of sports and recreation activities at every level. Some sports clubs are competitive, while others are more informal and focused on leisure, exercise, or friendship, and they can be a good way to meet people or become part of a team.

You can find out about what’s going on socially, through local newspapers, flyers, and posters on the noticeboard in your surgery, pub, supermarket, or church. Or you could just call our Befriender on 07831 981192.